Ordering is easy. Here we have prepared some helpful ordering info.

  • Header Plate - This is the smaller plate at the top of the backer plate and you can enter up to multiple lines of text here. This is typically the name of your league, group or organization. Basically anything you like.
    As with all of our nameplates, there is no limit on the amount of text you can insert. However, common sense applies as the more text you enter, the smaller the font may be.
    This text will be in Arial Bold font and always centered top-to-bottom and left-to-right.  If you only use one line of text, we will make the font larger.

  • Backer Plate - (IMPORTANT) This is what makes it unique. Our "backer" plates are a large metal plate we custom create with boxes (openings) drawn out to show that future winners will be added over time. This is what makes it a perpetual trophy.  You will purchase the smaller (yearly perpetual) plates as needed (see Yearly Perpetual winner plates below), and install them on the surface of the backer plate - into one of the available slots. There is a link to buy the smaller plates, and the size (write it down) in the product notes. (You may need to scroll down a bit to see that info)

  • Extra Backer Plates - These are just like the front backer plate (read the Backer Plate info above) that can be used to expand the capacity of your trophy. We do not install these due to not knowing where you want them to go. If you only buy one extra, you can decide if you want to install it on one of the sizes, or the back.  The plates come with a "peel and stick" tape and are easy to install.

  • Yearly Perpetual winner plates - You will purchase these as needed. Please see the "product notes" for the size of the smaller perpetual plates and a link to that product.
    If this is the first year of your league - you may only need one. If your league has been around for 5 years, you would buy 5 of these - one for each of your past winners. Then going forward, you come back and purchase another winner plate and install on the surface of the backer plate into one of the available slots.
    Nameplates are easy to install and come with a "peel and stick" tape. You will just come back year after year and order a new plate. Mention your previous order and we will make sure we work from your original production file so the font will match.