Ordering Trophy Kits from is easy. Here we have prepared some helpful ordering tips.
Please note - The overall height of your trophy will vary depending on what figure top you choose. See the product details for more information.

  • Figure Choice - Kits are available with select popular options for the top figure choice. You can choose from popular figures on the list, or you can choose the last option (purchase separate) and the price of your kit(s) will automatically be reduced by $1.50 each. From there, you can browse the website to shop from over 1000 figure choices. NOTE: Figure choices come in a wide variety of heights. This will effect the overall height of your trophy. To determine the height of your kit, check the product details to see the height of the kit without the figure, then add that to the height of the figure you will use. This will give you the overall height measurement of your trophy.

  • Column Choice - (if available) We have many column choices. You can select your choice on the drop down menu. To view the column images, scroll down and click the smaller images to pop-up larger views. Note: Some column choices will increase the price of your kits - this is indicated on the drop down menu where you select your column choice.

  • Trim Choice - (if available) This works much like the figure choice. You can choose from popular trim pieces or select a "purchase separate" option and the price of each kit will be reduced.

  • Text - Here you can type in exactly the text you want on your nameplates. There is no additional charge for using the optional additional lines of text. NOTE: Text will be personalized exactly the way you enter it. We will not change uppercase/lowercase or make spelling corrections. It is your responsibility to ensure the text is correct. If you are ordering a large quantity with different text on each kit, in the area for "text line 1", simply enter a note - for example "will upload file". From there, you can prepare a text file on your computer and upload your file upon completion of your order. (See IMAGE#1 below) NOTE - Please do not e-mail text unless requested to do so.

  • Uploading Text (if needed) - If you are uploading a text file, here are some helpful tips. We accept the following file types. .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word) -.xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) .PDF and .TXT files Filenames cannot contain any punctuation such as apostrophes'. We prefer a .txt file created with notepad. All windows versions have Notepad installed. Notepad works well for us because it does not format the text with fonts and such. Below is an example of an ideal text file. However you can use any of the other programs mentioned. For an example of an ideal notepad file. (See IMAGE#2 below) Please avoid centering your text or listing the text in multiple columns. We will center and size the text appropriately.

  • (IMAGE #1)

    (IMAGE #2)