Creating a Custom Trophy topper

We have over 1000 Trophy figures in stock, but there are times when we just don't have that specific figure you want.
No one does, and you've looked all over.
Well, look no more, because we have the solution.
It's low cost, fast, and all your design, Creating a custom trophy topper low cost, fast, and all your design, meaning totally personalized!.

How Does it Work? - In the world of Trophies and Awards, we use "inserts" these are (most often) 2 inch circle discs. We have many products that these inserts mount to, including medallions, resin awards, and - you guessed it - Trophy Toppers.
These custom trophy topper inserts also come in 1 1/2" and 1" sizes, but by far the most popular is the 2 inch size. We have lots of stock inserts we sell, many made of a foil material called Mylar, but we also make custom inserts. These are made using the same metal and sublimation process we use to create trophy nameplates.
Read on to see how a custom trophy figure comes to life.

Getting Started - It all starts with your idea. You may want to use an image, a logo or some special text message. Your custom trophy design is all up to your imagination.
(Note - Trademarked logos may need the approval of the trademark holder and in some cases cannot be used)
In this case study, we have been contracted to create a custom figure for the awards of the Doggie Soccer League world championship big game event. Our client has a photo they would like to use for their custom trophy topper. It's an image of last years MVP player. The client image is pretty good quality. We like them to be good resolution, and work well, when cropped or fit into a circle.
 Last Year MVP image
MVP Champ

Placing the order - This is easy. You visit the insert holder figures page (see links at the bottom of the page) and choose a figure. Then order the custom insert - In this case, we chose the white metal for the insert because the content is full color. (note - very dark or heavy ink coverage may result in additional charges) Load items into the shopping cart and complete the checkout. One the final step of the purchase, the image can be uploaded to the order. We selected the proof option so we can review the insert before production. The proof is sent and below we can see that it's perfect. The important content fits perfectly in a circle.
Proof Sent showing Cropped Image
Cropped Image

Installing the Insert - The custom trophy topper inserts have a peel-and-stick adhesive strip of tape applied to the back. It's our premium tape and it's very strong. It's easy to peel the backing, align the insert into the round area, and stick it down.
Below, we see the insert and the figure choice assembled. It looks beautiful, and it's completely custom. Now that we have a custom figure, it can be installed on any of our universal trophy kits.
Insert Installed into an Insert holder Figure
Custom insert example installed in a trophy figure

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