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Anatomy of a Trophy

This article will help you understand the parts of a trophy. Understanding the parts of a trophy will help you when shopping for awards and trophy parts. Listed below are common parts that make up a trophy. We have also included links throughout the article. Clicking on these links will take you to areas of the website to view items we offer.

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Trophy Figure Figure or Topper - These are commonly used on the very top of a trophy. All trophy figures have a threaded stud on the bottom. The thread size is common for all trophy parts. 1/4 X 20 threads per inch. Other uses include some plaques that have a provision for a figure. Some very large "post set" trophies may use a figure for a trim on one of the tiers. We stock over 1000 of figures
Learn how to create a custom figure here.
Threaded Trophy Rods Threaded Trophy Rods - These threaded rods connect the trophy together. These are available in many sizes. We stock them in 1/2" increments.  All the way from 1" up to 18". For large "post" set trophies, these can be connected together using a coupler or ferrule. The thread size is common for all trophy parts. 1/4 X 20 threads per inch.
Threaded Trophy Coupler Coupler (AKA) Threaded Coupler - These can be used to join a figure to a threaded rod. They can also be used to connect several rods together to achieve a desired length
Plastic Trophy Column or Extrusion Column - (AKA) Extrusions - These are used to give the trophy exciting color. They also add height to the award. For customers looking for parts, we sell columns. Most columns come is two sizes. Round (usually 1 3/4" diameter) and Rectangular (sometimes referred to as square, even though they are not square) Most square columns are about 2" x 3". Today most columns are made of hollow plastic tubing.
Gold Check Ring Check Ring - These are used to "check" a round 1 3/4" column. This can serve several purposes. A Check Ring will help center a column during assembly. This can take some of the guess work out of the assembly. These are also used when a figure rests directly on a round column. Without it, the figure would not "rest" on top of the column, as the column is hollow.
Trophy Marble Set Marble Trophy Base and Lid - Trophy Bases are just what the name implies. The "Base" or bottom of the trophy. A lid usually rests on the top of the column(s). Many smaller single column trophies will not have a lid, while larger double column trophies will typically use a matching base and lid set. Available in simulated marble also (Plastic) Black Marble available by request.


Trophy Lid - Trophy Lids are commonly used on top of a rectangular column. Photo 1 shows a gold plastic lid. Photo 2 shows a marble lid. These are also available in a simulated (weighted plastic) marble.
Trophy Wood Base and Lid Set Wood Trophy Base and Lid - Larger double column trophies or post set trophies will typically use a matching base and lid set. (3 styles pictured)
Cup Bases - Large cup bases have many uses. Some customers make custom tops and mount them on one of these large, sometimes heavy bases.
Trophy Trim Trophy Trim - These work just like a figure but they are typically much smaller. All trophy trim have a threaded stud on the bottom. The thread size is common for all trophy parts. 1/4 X 20 threads per inch. Some single column trophies may have a side trim. Larger double column trophies will usually have 2 upper trim above each column, and maybe a lower trim between the two columns. Large Post set trophies will use multiple trims also. Trim includes eagles and year/date pieces.
Mylar Insert Inserts AKA Mylar Inserts - These are basically stickers. Most all of them are 2" in diameter. We stock 100's of inserts. We also make custom inserts. Mylar is a foil type material. The metallic material allows for custom effects, such as the hologram effect. Inserts are commonly used on figures designed to accept 2" inserts. The use of inserts allows for a unique or custom touch to the trophy. These are also used on plaques, medals and resin awards in some cases.
Trophy Riser Risers - These are used to add height to the award, just as the name implies. Stem risers are sometimes used under a round column to lift the column and add a unique touch to the trophy. Sport risers can be used in conjunction with a figure to add "bling" to the trophy. Risers can be used to made up an inexpensive award by using a base, a riser, and a figure. Add 2 hexnuts, and you have a complete trophy.
Trophy Cup Cups and Lids - These are used in a number of ways. They can be mounted directly to a base for a complete (inexpensive) award. They can be used as a riser on a larger trophy. Such as a post set. Trophy cups can be used with or without a lid. We sell numerous sizes and styles. We also sell completed cup awards.
Trophy Label Labels or Plates - This is the finishing touch to your award. The plate or label adds that personal touch. Read more about labels
Hexnut - These tie it all together. These are pretty much a standard size. 1/4" x 20tpi. (Threads per Inch). Hexnuts are needed to bolt the trophy together. We have them for sale here.

Watch video's explaining basic trophy parts and demonstration of the assembly of our trophy kits.

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